Water damage can be a serious issue. Some we were able to save; some we were not. Those who live close to water can have issues, and anyone can have a pipe burst in a home. Regardless, water damage is no joke.

Water damage can lead to serious health problems – black mold, for example. Black mold is toxic and can cause serious health problems if not found, contained and dealt with correctly. Of course, electrical problems, bacteria and the like are going to be a constant issue.

The water will not dry on its own and be safe. Here are three things you need to do in the case of water damage.

  1. Wait – Unless you have been away, the first 48 hours are the most critical for water damage. It is during this time that water is going to do the most damage and allow molds and mildew to establish themselves. Some have had to do a complete structural and internal remodel of a home after severe water damage. Do not wait; call.
  2. It is not safe – Do not go into the home thinking there is something you can salvage or save. Water damage is no joke. If the water levels are high enough, there may be electrical issues in the water and home. Also, bacteria and contamination will set in quickly in standing water. Going into it without protection can be dangerous to your health. Unless you are properly protected, do not go in. Leave it to the professionals.
  3. Tools – As far as the professionals go, many people want to take care of water damage themselves, thinking they can save money.

Water damage can be scary and dangerous.

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