Carpet Cleaning Myths

By webmaster | Jun 5, 2020 |

We try to keep you informed on the best ways to care for your carpet and keep it looking as good as new. One of the things we recommend is dispelling a few myths about carpet care and cleaning. Read on to see what we have to say about this topic. • Carpets only need…

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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

By webmaster | May 6, 2020 |

So you have decided to take better care of the environment and work towards a better future. This is great. What to do about the home carpet? Most of the chemicals used to clean carpets deeply and well from commercial carpet cleaning services are not necessarily eco-friendly. This is not to say there are not…

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Carpet Spot or Stain: The Difference

By webmaster | Apr 7, 2020 |

There will be a time, no matter how hard you try, that something is going to end up on the carpet. Most people, without thinking, immediately refer to what is on the carpet as a spot. This is almost true, because what may be a spot may be a stain. Regardless of a stain or…

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How to Get Gum Out of Carpet

By webmaster | Mar 10, 2020 |

There are few things that you can be sure of. Death, taxes and if you have children, accidents on the carpet. This means spills, stains and in some cases, particularly with teenagers, gum. Gum is very difficult to get out of carpet. When this does happen, here are two good suggestions on what you can…

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Prepping for Carpet Cleaning

By webmaster | Feb 6, 2020 |

Keep your carpets in the best possible shape between regular cleanings. This month we are focusing on how you can help keep the carpets looking as good as you can between each regular cleaning. Vacuum – Sure you vacuum at least once a week already, but regular vacuuming will help keep the carpets looking as…

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Why Should You Get Your Carpet Cleaned After A Flea Infestation?

By webmaster | Jan 28, 2020 |

Can a professional carpet cleaning kill fleas? Yes, a professional carpet cleaning will kill fleas yet it will not solve the issue of a flea infestation. The high temperature steam of an expert carpet cleaning is sufficient to end the life of the flea; however, you might want to give consideration to these tips if you are looking…

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Why You Need A Carpet Cleaning After the Holidays?

By webmaster | Dec 10, 2019 |
carpet cleaning equipment

Decorations, holiday feasts, and guests often can leave your carpet glitter-filled and dirty after the holidays. One best time to get your carpet cleaned professionally is directly after the holiday season when visitors have literally made their footprint on your carpeting. Feel free to get in touch with your local company DC: (202) 888-2960; VA:…

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Temporary Fixes

By webmaster | Nov 4, 2019 |
carpet cleaning before and after

You are one of the lucky few who have scheduled regular carpet cleaning care with us at King’s Cleaning Solutions.  If you have not, chances are you don’t consider carpet cleaning until it becomes apparent that the carpet is in desperate need of a deep cleaning. We have a full time schedule that we keep…

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Carpet Dyeing

By webmaster | Oct 7, 2019 |
before and after carpet dyeing

This month, we have no desire to clean your carpet.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada. You spend the majority of your time at home in the living room or great room of the house.  This is the place that sees the majority of foot traffic and furniture.  It is also the place most likely to get…

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How To Prolong The Life Of Your Upholstery

By webmaster | Sep 19, 2019 |

Commercial furniture has to withstand daily use. Within common spaces such as lobbies, you have to have well-made pieces which are able to provide you years of functionality without having to show too many indications of wear. Discover the best way to clean your organization’s upholstery and sustain your investments with ideas from the specialists…

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