There are few things that you can be sure of. Death, taxes and if you have children, accidents on the carpet. This means spills, stains and in some cases, particularly with teenagers, gum.

Gum is very difficult to get out of carpet. When this does happen, here are two good suggestions on what you can do in the meantime until we can come to your home and take care of the gum problem.

One final warning – you may damage your carpet if you are not careful. This should only be done if there are no other options, or you cannot wait for us.


Frozen gum is brittle and can come up easily. Get a small bag of ice and put on the gum for about 20 minutes. This will harden the gum to the point you can lift it off of the carpet in parts. You may have some residue behind, and if you do, leave it to professional carpet cleaners


Most people would not consider heat as a possibility for removing gum, but it does work in a pinch. Put a paper sack or clean cloth over the gum. Use a standard hair dryer and a healthy amount of caution; heat the gum slowly. It will soften and attach to the sack or cloth, allowing you to lift the gum away.


There are some products on the market which can remove gum. We do not, with the strongest recommendations, want you to use these. Using them can damage carpet fibers, stain the carpet or worse. It is best to leave the gum be if possible and have us remove it for you.