We try to keep you informed on the best ways to care for your carpet and keep it looking as good as new. One of the things we recommend is dispelling a few myths about carpet care and cleaning. Read on to see what we have to say about this topic.

• Carpets only need cleaning when they look dirty – Carpet can have dirt buried deeply in the fibers. This dirt can wear against the fibers and eventually ruin the carpet.

• Steam cleaning is better than dry cleaning – This is the most common method of carpet cleaning, and one that we use. We also have several other ways to clean carpet – some of which limits the amount of water we use.

• All carpet cleaners are the same – This is one of the worst myths out there. We at Southern Carpet Solutions take real pride in our work, and the fact we have been doing it for so long speaks to our dedication to the craft and customer. There are plenty of quick and cheap carpet cleaning companies, but you will get what you will pay for.

• Carpet cleaning machines are rough on carpet – If this were the case, why would we recommend scheduling regular carpet cleanings? We want your carpet looking as good now as it did at installation. This is only possible with regular cleanings.

• All carpet cleaners are the same quality – This is a related myth to carpet cleaners being the same. Quality carpet cleaning stands the test of time. We have been in business for a long time and intend on staying in business. This is how you know we are going to provide you the best possible care and service.

• The rental machines in grocery stores are just as good – The machines may work on the same principles as our equipment, but they do not have the same commercial quality and strength that comes with professional grade equipment. We also have special treatments that can fight tough stains and spots – something the other equipment cannot do.

There you have it. Several myths that you should be aware of.