carpet cleaning after flea infestation

Can a professional carpet cleaning kill fleas? Yes, a professional carpet cleaning will kill fleas yet it will not solve the issue of a flea infestation. The high temperature steam of an expert carpet cleaning is sufficient to end the life of the flea; however, you might want to give consideration to these tips if you are looking to end the infestation:

Besides living in carpet, small little fleas frequently reside in pet bedding, upholstery, and on your dog or cat. While carpet cleaning removes fleas, as well as their eggs from the carpet it won’t address those other spaces in which fleas might be lurking. Unfortunately, there isn’t any simple and quick fix for an infestation of fleas. Eliminating fleas from your house will take a little effort.

First, Kill Fleas on Your Dog or Cat

The first thing you should do is treat your dog or cat for fleas, as well as their eggs. Your pet groomer or vet will suggest a treatment that’s right for your cat or dog. Potential options include a topical medication, medicated shampoo, body powder, or flea collar.

Vacuum and Wash to Kill Fleas

Then, you will want to vacuum and wash. A lot. Wash all possible things that can be washed. That includes curtains, upholstery cushion covers, and pet bedding. The water from a thorough washing and heat from the dryer kills the eggs and fleas which undergo the process. Vacuum area rugs, carpets, furniture and cat trees, then toss out your vacuum cleaner bag. Your vacuum will suck fleas and eggs up, yet do not forget these little guys still are alive in there.

Repeat in order to Kill Fleas

Eggs which weren’t eliminated within the first treatment round will start to hatch within one or two days. They also can stay dormant for up to one year in the proper conditions. You might have to re-treat your cat or dog within one week to kill all fleas that might’ve hatched or weren’t eliminated in the first round of treatment. The same thing also goes for vacuuming and washing and remember to toss out the bag right after you vacuum.