Why hard surfaces need cleaning just like carpet

It’s no secret that carpet collects dirt, dust and who knows what else. The only way to clean deep down into the fibers and remove these things is to have them professionally cleaned. The same goes for your hard floor surfaces. While dirt may not get trapped beneath the surface, over time, these floors will begin to look faded and worn. All hard flooring surfaces should have a professional cleaning on a regular basis to keep them in tip-top shape. After all, you do want to make a good impression whether it is to a customer or a family member.

The best way to check for wear is to look at an area that has little to no traffic. The best places to check are under furniture or in corners. Is the flooring shiny, like new and well polished? Compare to the high traffic areas. Likely you will see grime, shades of grey and a clear path worn into the flooring. This should be a sign that your floors need to be cleaned professionally.

A clean floor has more than simple visual appeal. Cleanliness also makes employees as well as customers happy, and this creates a better work environment for all. It should go without saying that cleaning the floors reduces employee sick days by reducing the agents that make people sick. This includes allergens and the occasional other element that may find its way into the building or business.

Many are hesitant to invest in commercial cleaning services. The key to understand is invest. This is not an expense, but a necessary part of the success of your business or in the case of a home, curb appeal. Once a thorough cleaning is complete, the maintenance portion will be much easier all around. If this is not enough, consider: commercial cleaning is cheaper than floor replacement. Many times a professional cleaning can restore the floor to an almost new sheen.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call, drop an email or come by. Let us show you how a freshly cleaned floor can make all the difference.