We are going to step back this month and take a bit of a different path on our blogs. We want to look at your carpets from a slightly different perspective. What if you are looking to sell your home – Should you replace or clean your carpet?

This is an excellent question, and we going to take a few moments and discuss the pros and cons of each. We will start with the cleaning.

Cleaning pro – It is certainly cheaper to have the carpet cleaned instead of replaced. Often times, a good, thorough cleaning will have the carpet looking as good as it did when first installed.

Cleaning con – Certain elements of carpet, such as heavy foot traffic patterns will not resolve themselves with cleaning. This is simply a fact, and nothing short of replacement will make a difference.

Replacing pro – Fresh, new carpet certainly adds value to the home as well as curb appeal. If your home had a particular color of carpet that matched a color scheme you had, it may do you well to replace the carpet with a neutral color.

Replacing con – Carpet replacement is not cheap. A crew has to come in, remove the furniture and pull the old carpet before laying down the new. If you are in a hurry to be out of the house because of a quick sale, you may not have enough time to get the carpet replaced.

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