Keep your carpets in the best possible shape between regular cleanings. This month we are focusing on how you can help keep the carpets looking as good as you can between each regular cleaning.

Vacuum – Sure you vacuum at least once a week already, but regular vacuuming will help keep the carpets looking as good today as ever. Be sure you cover the baseboards in addition to the carpets – a quick touch up is all you really need. We can’t clean baseboards after all.

Note your difficult spots – Stains are never fun, but we at King’s Cleaning Solutions can handle most anything that comes along when it comes to carpet care. Letting us know there are spots and stains when we show up means we can spend extra time cleaning those areas.

Clean up – We will move the big pieces of furniture, but you do need to get the toys and knick knacks out of our way. This will make the cleaning go much faster and easier on everyone who is there to handle carpet cleaning.

Access – We need to get close to the house so we can get our cleaning equipment in. Moving cars out of the way may seem a hassle, but it will go much smoother in the long run. Be inconvenienced briefly while we get your carpet back to top shape is not too much to ask.

Find the spigots – We have to have water. Showing us the spigots is all you need to do. We can be sure to take care of the rest as we have water heaters for the cleaning. We have all the hoses and such we need as well. Just point them out.

Pets – Now is a great time to take the pets to the vet or for a nice walk. We don’t want to cause your pets any unnecessary stress. Our equipment can make them nervous and on edge – we don’t want that any more than you.