If you have an Oriental rug at home, you already know how delicate it is and how caring for it is important. You likely have us coming out and cleaning it for you on a regular basis, but it is those times between our cleaning that you will need to read this blog. Chances are you are doing it incorrectly and could potentially do damage to your Oriental rug.

Here is something important to note about your Oriental rug and its cleaning: You cannot get it cleaned as well as we can. We are professionals with professional grade equipment. This does not mean you cannot maintain it during the times between cleaning. Here is what we recommend:

SHAKE IT OUT – If you have a small rug, taking it outside and giving it a good shake is a great way to loosen the dirt and grime. It is actually better to do this than it is to use a vacuum cleaner. (More on that later.)

The majority of the surface dust should be gone at this point. Brush the rug with a natural, not synthetic, bristle broom. This does two things: 1. raises the lanolin to the surface of the rug; 2. Keeps the fibers intact and smooths out the fringes.

Brush all of the detritus and dirt onto the floor, and clean with the vacuum cleaner.

If you insist on a vacuum cleaner, know this: The bristles on a vacuum cleaner can be very harsh on the delicate fibers of the rug. You take a real chance of damaging them with a vacuum cleaner. If you have to use a vacuum, do so on the lowest setting and work from the center of the rug to the edges in single passes. Do not go back and forth, or cut across.

Most Oriental rugs do not look bad until the dirt and dust have settled in deeply and into the fibers. It is then that a professional cleaner is necessary.

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