How to Keep a Pet-Friendly House Clean

dog lying in the carpet

In pet-friendly households, animals are vital family members who bring love – as well as messes – into our lives. Cats and dogs have hairy coats which bring everything from the outdoors in, and households that have dogs have more dander and bacteria on upholstery, pillow coverings, and additional locations.

Nonetheless, you can share your house with animals and keep it odor-free and clean without too much extra work. The trick includes sticking with specific ground rules for yourself, as well as your pet, keep your dog or cat groomed, as well as streamline the process of cleanup.

Decide What Areas of the House Your Pet is Permitted to Share

The areas of your house your cat or dog shares will require extra cleanup. Determine where your cat or dog is permitted and be steady about enforcing your rules. If your pet is permitted on the sofa or upholstered furnishings, it’s smart to select a leather or microfiber couch which will be simpler to clean. Try and teach your dog or cat to sleep in his/her own bed if possible. If your furry pal sleeps on your bed, make sure you wash quilts, coverlets, or additional bed coverings more frequently.

Groom or Bathe Your Pet Frequently

Consistent grooming assists in keeping pet hair off of the furniture and carpet. Groom your little companion outside to minimize airborne particles which may trigger allergies. Bathe a canine every one or two weeks and utilize grooming wipes in between.

Clean All Pet Bedding

Pick a bed for your pet that’s easy to regularly disinfect and clean. Or else, your animal’s bedding may become a home to mites and fleas. Wash in detergent and hot water. Most beds may be dried inside a home dryer, yet if not, put outdoors to completely dry in the sunshine after you wash.

Get Fur off of the Furniture, Curtains, and Carpet

Suction animal hair off the drapes and couch using the upholstery tool on the vacuum cleaner. In order to get hair off of chairs, blankets, and other spaces in which your friend sits, brush the space using your hand as you wear wet rubber gloves. Rinse your glove under the faucet, scoop hair out from the sink, and toss it out.