Carpet Cleaners Phoenix, AZ

Northside Floor Care
2550 E Rose Garden Ln #71863 Phoenix AZ 85050

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Owner: Al Cochran
Year Founded: 2006
Hours of Operation: M-T & Sat: 9A-6P | F: 10A-2:30P |Sun: 12P-2:30P
About: With organic products and premier technology, Northside Floor Care provides the best clean inside Maricopa County. Trust isn’t something one may expect right off the bat, it has to be earned. At Northside Floor Care we’re dedicated to earning the trust of our clients each day by approaching every project as a chance to exceed your expectations. Routinely exceeding expectations isn’t an easy accomplishment. It’ll require consistent vigilance and re-assessment of protocols, systems, and human resources that identify chances to improve. At Northside Floor Care, we see every crew member as a critical part of our success with a one-of-a-kind point of view and valuable feedback that helps further our mission. Thereby, we embrace diversity and appreciate individuality as a valuable part of our culture, and we’re committed to equal opportunity employment and the spirit of teamwork. Northside Floor Care offers Natural Stone Cleaning and Polishing; Tile & Grout Cleaning; Carpet Cleaning; Housekeeping Services; Odor Removal; Stain Protection & Removal; Eco/Green Cleaning; Rug Cleaning; Steam Cleaning; and Upholstery Cleaning.

Carpet Cleaners Phoenix, AZ

Wharton Carpet Cleaning
4326 N. 35th Ave, Phoenix, AZ
(623) 428-1630

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Owner: Joel Wharton
Year Founded: 01/01/2020
Hours of Operation: Monday-Sunday Open 24 Hours
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About: Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Wharton Carpet Cleaning is a leading carpet and upholstery cleaning service provider in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We are a local, owner-operated business that prioritize in delivering professional, timely, and efficient cleaning services to businesses and homeowners in our community.

We use unique cleaning processes and products that deliver exceptional results every time. We have extensive experience with various fabrics and materials, ensuring that we protect your items’ color and quality. We only use non-toxic, child, pet, and environment-friendly cleaning solutions. Our highly trained and certified technicians come to your home or business on time and treat your property with respect and care as if it was our own.

It’s precisely this commitment to outstanding service that has helped us become a top-rated carpet cleaning company in BBB+, Yelp, Google, and Facebook.