There will be a time, no matter how hard you try, that something is going to end up on the carpet. Most people, without thinking, immediately refer to what is on the carpet as a spot. This is almost true, because what may be a spot may be a stain. Regardless of a stain or a spot, professional carpet cleaner can help remove the offending area quickly and easily.

Spots and stains are the result of an accident on the carpet. On average, both are cleaned up as soon as they happen, but the difference remains. What is a spot and what is a stain? Keep reading; we will try to make sense of the two.

SPOT – This is one of two things: a spill or something brought in from outside. Dirt, grass, cola, wine, water etc. are examples of spots. These are also easy to clean without worry. Do not, however, adopt the thought that cleaning spills and spots is a substitute for professional cleaning.

STAIN – A stain is more severe than a spot because there is a change in the chemical makeup of the fibers in the carpet. Oil is a notorious for stains because many carpet fibers are made from a petroleum base – making sense as to why oil can cause stains. Add in dirt, grime, dust and the like the stain suddenly takes on a new form. By this point, removing the stain is difficult because it is set into the carpet.

Stains will often remain even after a professional carpet cleaning. The stain will be cleaned, but the damage will still be visible.

Ultimately, the carpet color will be what will tell the difference between a spot and a stain. The fibers of the carpet will reveal the answer – spots do not change the color of the carpet; stains do.