Carpet Dyeing

This month, we have no desire to clean your carpet.  None.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

before and after carpet dyeing

You spend the majority of your time at home in the living room or great room of the house.  This is the place that sees the majority of foot traffic and furniture.  It is also the place most likely to get stained and spotted.

Serious stains and spots call for serious measures.  This is why we at Kings want you to call us in the case of a carpet stain.  Our commercial grade equipment and detergents can get most stains out of the carpet with relative ease.

Except when we cannot do it.  It will happen.  Perhaps not to your carpet, but it can happen.

Even if you are one of our regularly, scheduled customers, carpet cleaning will fade carpet.  This can lead to carpet that is faded in one area yet holding the original color in another.  We have the solution for you.  Are you dying to know?

Terrible pun.  We are talking about dyeing your carpets.

We can come to your home and change the color of your carpet.  We can do a drastic or shade depending on your particular desires.  Over time, dyeing your carpet will actually cost you less because you will not need to replace the carpet sooner than you believed.  There are customers reporting dyeing saved them 20 to 80 percent the cost of a carpet replacement.  They almost died learning that.  (Sorry, could not resist.)

Carpet dyeing can restore carpet and hide stains rather easily.  The dyeing process consists of blending the color into the fibers of the fabric and changing or restoring the carpet’s color.  There are some limits on what we can do, but we are always happy to come to you and provide you with a free quote on the carpet dyeing process.

Remember: We offer lots of services outside of our carpet cleaning.  Carpet cleaning is our go-to service, but we can help you with other things as well.  Visit our website to see what we offer.